We’re drawing skeletons in class… My teacher comments on how “I’ve probably drawn skeletons before”

….. I blame nothingbutskeletons for these doodles that thankfully my prof won’t be grading



I was looking at this post, like, “wow these are cool skeletons” and then I was like HOLD THE FUCK UP I LIVED WITH HER.


Okay, I feel really pathetic and stupid doing this and I never thought I’d have to do this but I’m really needing all the help I can get right now. 

That’s me and my sister up there, I’m the one of the right, she’s the one on the left. I’m Sammy, I’m nineteen, transgender and I’m mentally ill. My sister is 27 years old and is also mentally ill. I’m coming to tumblr because I spend most of my time on here and it feels like a safe place. 

Basically, for the past five years now, my family life has been very tough. My mum finally got out of an abusive relationship with my dad and we moved away from him. Since around May, last year, my mum has gotten quite…abusive. She seems to take really twisted turns and blames me and my sister on stuff we haven’t done, like hitting her, not feeding her, neglecting her.  There’s been a few times where she’s hit me and threatened to hurt me and my sister. 

Me and my sister try our best when it comes to my mums mood swings but most of the time, we are terrified. I go days without eating, going to the toilet, speaking because I’m terrified she will do something to me. Last year she left a bible on my door with “You are the devils daughter”. 
She’s proceed to phone the police on us then when the police have showed up, she’s denied all of it. Three years ago, I told her I was transgender and she went…well, really mad, she tried to through me out the house, but then told me to stay in my room. She’s pulled it up a few times now when she takes these mood swings and retaliates to something else. 

Me and my sister have gone to the social work, the hospitals, the doctors, everywhere, about my mum but no where has helped and We’re beginning to lose hope. We’ve gone to her sister, our aunts and they proceed to take my mother side, saying we are the cause of it and we have done nothing to help her. 

My sister has had to quit college 5 times because how bad my mum can get, we have gave up everything for my mum and it’s getting really tiring. 

My mother does eventually come out of these moods and act like she hasn;t done anything and…we don’t question it because we are scared. We don’t want anything to kick off again. 

Last week, my mum eventually snapped out of her moods and was being really nice, letting us do stuff for her, like make her tea, make her food, blala, but now, a week later, she is now yelling abuse at me and my sister again and we can’t cope. It’s going on right now. 

My sister can’t get to college because we have no money, we are running out of gas and electricity and mostly, food. We’re too scared to ask my mum because she makes it out that we’re stealing from her. 

This is why I’m coming to tumblr. If you can spare even a dollar/pound, even less, just to help us out until we can sort stuff out with my doctor and our social worker, it will be greatly appreciated. We’re strugging and we need help.

I have a donate button on my tumblr and there’s a link here. I don’t think you need a pay pal to donate, I’ve never really used it. 

I’m sorry, I’m just..I feel pathetic. 


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To have compassion for a character is no different from having compassion for another human being.” — Tom Hiddleston.

remember me for centuries


"I have almost 20 years in this club and no one should ever dare tell me what Real Madrid is. They don’t know the meaning of being part of this club. This club is my life."

I just wish you hadn’t been a soldier.


cybersyncing said: ok but hear me out: The Hobbit where everything is the same except Bilbo has the personality of Martin Freeman